Ice Ice Baby

Isn't this the coolest thing ever?!
Skull ice cube mold from here.

Want. Now.

B-day macarons

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I took on the mission to bake her macarons. 
They might not turned out the prettiest, but damn, they were good!

photo: Casa de Caisa

When classy meets funky

Two gorgeous interiors that need some extra attention.
Very clean and classy!

Pic on the left: Elle Deco UK Set 2012 // 


This is just me doodling in photoshop one bored evening.

Friendship bracelets

//photos by CdC
I feel kinda nerdy sitting here "knotting" friendship bracelets. But I love it!
Got inspired by


I took this photo last summer/fall. 
It's really random, I don't know the guys, but it's something I really like about it anyway. 
And as you can see, I had a lot of fun playing around with it in Photoshop!

  Our little abyssinian

(photos taken by me)


Muji, a photo by Caisa on Flickr.
I get waaay excited over little things, such as bying new pens.

With my Bamboo

wacom Bamboo + photoshop

I love getting creative with my bamboo, and last time I did a little self portrait. 
Nothing special really, but I do enjoy the process.

Xx Caisa

Mani á la CdC

Last week I had a friend over for a little talk and mani time. 

On her I used a neon purple from American Apparel as a base color, then random nail polishes to creat different shapes and patterns. And to top this playful manicure off, I used Essie's 'Matte About You'. 
Loving the end results!

Afterwards we were both craving some cheez crunchers. And Allie didn't want to ruin her freshly made manicure, so she thought eating with chopsticks was the most brilliant idea ever, haha.
photos: casadecaisa

French love...

I think I just fell in love... with a french press!! 

I know, it’s crazy to lust after a coffee press, but that’s just the kind of girl I am. 
 It was love at first sight.

img via
// This little lover is named Eileen and is of the brand Bodum //

Two drawings

So today is my friend, Felicia's nameday. (Is it only Sweden who "celebrates" that maybe? I don't know.) And coincidentally, I felt the urge to draw something on my Bamboo today - as I apparently felt for exactly one year ago when I also made her a little illustration. 

So here we have the two drawing I made for her, last years and the one I made her today.

...They're not really that extraordinary, but I sure had fun in the making!

Is it summer yet?

// photo: CdC
Longing for brighter and warmer times, I sit here eating frozen raspberries (which are surprisingly good).
When does the summer come back? 
I am so sick of the darkness here in Sweden.

Over and out.

Spell it out

photo via 
How awesome aren't these oversized letters?

I first saw them when I was flipping through Jonathan Adler's amazing book on Happy Chic Colors. 
He features a trio of chrome side tables in a New York bachelor pad, along with Terry Richardson photos, Philippe Starck gun lamps (LOVE) and a butterscotch leather sofa.

And the man behind these alphabetic chrome side tables is Andrew Marin.

I wouldn't mind these four little letters jazzing up my apartment...

suit up!

Yesterday, I turned my little corner in to a nail salon and gave my friend a manicure á la Zooey Deschanel. 
Inspired by her amazing tuxedo nails she wore at the Golden Globes 2012. 

photos by me

CdC nail art 2012

Here's a little collage of some of my nail art I did in 2012.