is this coffee?

photo: casa de caisa
When I first spotted the new Starbucks Discoveries drinks in my local food store, I got so excited, because of the coffee love that I am... But it turned out to be such a big disapointment! This did not taste well. At all. Yuck! 

But! I'm in love with the packaging design... Although, the containers could have been a tad bit larger.

Living room Love

photo: living etc. June 2011 issue
This is kinda exactly how I wish my future living room will look like.
Perfection in my eyes.

To: mommy

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New in!

What a lovely day it has been!
Went on a little shopping spree with my mom, granny and auntie today, since they are here visiting.

I came home with the latest issue of ELLE (the Swedish copy) and a new pair of shoes, witch I am sooooo excited for. Think I'm going to have to show them in a later post.


work, work, coffee, work, coffee..

gif: casa de caisa
It's kinda hectic right now. I have so much to do within school... So I really have to start to get things done!
I woke up 2 hours ago and I already have 3 cups of coffee in me. Let's do this!

Saturday Night Fever!

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Saturday is here and it's time to disco!
Bring out the disco ball inside of you and let's all have a party!

And if dancing under a disco ball isn't fun enough, why not BE the disco ball?

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photo: casa de caisa

For all you decor lovers out there - if you already haven't checked out Jonathan Adler's "Happy Chic" books, you are in for a treat. I recently bought my own copies and I couldn't be happier!

These two books are packed with gorgeous, chic, fun, colorful, interesting decor ideas. And when you're flipping through page after page you litterally feel so happy, and inspired. These books are amazing!

I can't recomend them enough. In love.

Jonathan Adler's HAPPY CHIC colors  (gif: casa de caisa)
Jonathan Adler's HAPPY CHIC accessorizing  (gif: casa de caisa)

french toast

illustration: casa de caisa
A completely random illustration I drew yesterday when I was waiting for my dinner to get ready.
And thanks to this little french toast I burned my rice...


photo: casa de caisa
I just got done with a little 3D assignment I hade to do for a class.
I have been sitting with this since 9am (it is now 5pm) and I'm so over it right now, haha. 

And to celebrate this, I just made myself a huge cup of hot coffee.

water break

gif: casa de caisa
Our little Bella has some liver problems so she drinks a lot of water during the day.
And therefore we always have this huge vase with water in our living room.

I made this gif yesterday and thought it was so cute I had to share it.

Gold frames

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I love a good, gold frame. via via
why not frame your gorgeous body with a gold dress? via
less is more?... nope! bring it on.  via via