photos: casa de caisa

So my mom just got the iPhone 4 S, and I am like the only person left who dosen't have an iPhone... but whatever. I started to play around with the camera on the phone. Wich really is awesome. And then I, randomly, took a picture with the phone through my Rolleicord. I was pleasantly surprised with how the pictures came out. I think the result is so beautiful! So raw. 

Lunch time!

fresh fruits are the best!
photo + gif: Casa de Caisa

I just cooked my favorite porridge (spelt porridge with apricots) for lunch. 
And I got so excited when I saw that we had some fresh raspberries and blueberries at home, which made the porridge so much more luxurious! And to top it of, some cold milk and chopped almonds. 

caffè RITAZZA - the art of great coffee

photos: Casa de Caisa

A few weeks ago I drank the most delicious latte I've ever had!

And I thought I'd share some of the yummy pictures I took there.

So for all you Swedes out there, I highly recomend caffè RITAZZA
And especially the one at Stockholm Central station. Chill environment and great coffee.

manicure monday

photos: Casa de Caisa
I love white for summer. It's so damn fresh.

old illustration feat. my fav color!

illustration: Casa de Caisa

Oh, look what I just found on my laptop. An old illustration I made last year.
Portraying the very popular lamp, "bourgie" and the "louis ghost chair".

COMME des GARÇONS PLAY - Inspired Nail Art

coffee and nails
hello there!
photos: Casa de Caisa
I am so excited for my latest nail design! 

Just the other day I was sitting and looking through various nail art blogs for some new inspiration. And then I found  moveSlightly's gorgeous blog. And when I saw her COMME des GARÇONS PLAY nail art design I immediately fell in love! This is such a fun manicure. 


photos: casa de caisa - jumping Allie and moi!
Today turned out to be a wonderful day! Went to my high school class reunion, wich was a lot of fun. And we got so lucky with the weather, because it has been so cold and rainy for the last couple of days. So yay!


photo: The cherry blossom girl
OMG you guys! Aren't these the cutest par of heels and flats you've ever seen? 
I'm so in love! J'adore, for sure!

These beauties are Chartlotte Olympia shoes.

New in!

gif: casa de caisa
So, after an intense morning with studying I decided to take a break and went on a little shopping spree. And these are the goodies I came home with. Two new nail polishes (I have special nail design in mind), a new mascara, a new lipstick and a nice, flowy summer tunic. 

today's weather:

gif: casa de caisa 

Jazz Life

On my wish list: Jazz Life by William Claxton. TASCHEN books.
I LOVE me some fine jazz.