When in Paris

a little illustration I did earlier this summer when I took my french class
le French survival kit

Cocoa hue

Yesterday I had a little photoshoot with my gorgeous friend Daniela. I had so much fun shooting her. But it was a little bit of a challenge because I had to shoot with my manual 50mm lens! Therefore, a lot of the shots were completely out of focus, haha!

Wednesday coffee

I met up with a friend earlier this evening at a cafe. We talked, laughed, drank coffee and I helped her starting her own blog (fiiinally). It was so nice catching up with her!

On my way home I walked by the new Ritazza café at Stockholm Central Station and I just couldn't resist buying another latte (maybe not the cleverest thing to do at 8.30pm). Haha, let's hope I can sleep tonight.

(half bad pictures I took with my phone)

Coffee pumps

photos via via via via

Am I the only one who thinks of coffee when looking at these heels? 

I found them yesterday over at Fashion Squad's blog and I am now in LOVE!
This is the shoe for the ultimate coffee lover. 

via theblondsalad.com
So, who's behind these shoes? Chiara Ferragni, an Italian fashion blogger from Milan. She blogs her outfits on theblondesalad.com every day and keeps inspiering thousands of people.


Exciting news! Caffè Ritazza recently did a interview with me, and it's now up on their blog!
So go and check it out if you want to get to know me a little bit more.

Here's a link to the interview.

Everybody loves coffee!

 Haha, I think this is so cute. Our little abyssinian loves coffee.

William Tell Me About OPI

Short, dark nails during the summer? Why not? 
A dark color is always a chic choice. I'm wearing O·P·I "William Tell Me About OPI".

A pop of Orange!

Yes please. I found my dream bag! (via) (via)
photo by:  Tommy Ton (via)
I've never thought that orange and red would work together, but Gwyneth Paltrow is killing it! (via) (via) 
Milan Vukmirovic and Nick Wooster working the color orange. (via) (via) 
That orange SMEG is everything! (via) (via)

Let's just all take a moment and take in these lovely orange pictures.

Summer smoothie

gif: Casa de Caisa
Look what I just made! Two totally awesome smoothies. Absolutely delish!